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Early Claim ALERT

You Can't Stop Time But You Can Stop Loss...In 2 Minutes







Early Claim ALERT is an innovative email-based system that

  • captures actionable opportunities
  • prevents missed communications
  • delivers solutions on the day of injury

Every work injury event is subject to delays in processing, untimely notifications and missed communication events.

Early Claim ALERT connects the dots with timed alerts and notifications between:

  • Claims Team and Client stakeholders
  • workplace events and actionable solutions

Early Claim ALERT technology

  • Delay-proofs the work injury process
  • Offers a simple solution, a simple price, and stunning results

You can't stop time but you can stop loss...in two minutes

Early Claim ALERT

  • Bringing new solutions to the day of injury
  • Using smart technology to advance email's capability as a loss alert and mitigation tool

Easy to engage system with flexible triggers:

  • Client using customized online link (2 minutes)
  • Data feed from nurse triage call (automated)

Early Claim ALERT activates an interlocking system that delivers immediate customized communications via email:

  • Claims team receives heads-up alert for an in-process claim
  • Clinic/provider, prior to medical treatment, receives authorization, client guidelines and billing/contact info
  • Client receives timed reminders to complete required forms, OSHA reporting
  • Claims team is updated on work status and treatment outcome on the day of injury

Early Claim ALERT has a unique built-in feature: Situational Assessment Tool

  • Client reviews a list of possible situational events that trigger loss
  • Client selects any/all events that may require early intervention
  • Claims team is alerted of work status and notified of request for possible services
  • Services can include: RTW, Case Management, Serious/catastrophic injury and Investigation

Event Tracking

  • Timed-tracking of all activities
  • Automated reminders
  • Follow-up notifications
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Dashboard

Ease of adoption

  • No IT resources required and no system integration hassles
  • Requires email access only
  • System is device-meshed to all platforms
  • Purchased as a Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product
  • "No hurdles" technology

Optional Tools

  • Complete RTW Solution for case managers
  • Modified Duty Database - all industries; thousands of RTW options
  • OSHA Tracking & Reporting
  • Customizable Format

Dennis Chandler (CCI-Day-1 Systems) and Dan Lyman (Microniche) have collaborated over the past 25 years to provide several leading technology solutions to the workers' compensation field.

Their work focus is to prevent loss by closing the gaps on the day of injury where delays fuel higher loss costs.

After three years of development, an innovative use of email emerged as their newest early intervention technology to prevent loss

Dennis Chandler
Early Claim ALERT


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